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Meet Matthew

Matthew Teismann is a registered architect with over 10 years of practice experience whose research focuses on history and philosophy of design, in particular spatial ontology. Teismann attended Kansas State University and Harvard University Graduate School of Design, and has previously taught design studios and history and theory at Kent State University (KSU), University of Technology Sydney (UTS), and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). He has published on topics such as the space of globalism, geopolitical spatial encounters, and counterculture architecture. 

Teismann has studied, exhibited, practiced, and lectured in the US and Europe. Prior to joining MKC Architects he co-founded LIONarchitecture, an architecture firm that explores and underscores architecture’s existential role with humanity. Teismann joined MKC in 2016 as Director of Design and has since become Principal and Director of Architecture, serving as Principal-in-charge on numerous projects of varying scale and type, including K-12 / higher education / institutional / housing. 



  • American Institute of Architects Member
  • AIA Columbus, Chair of Committee of Design
  • Lantern Journal Co-founder and Design Editor


  • ‘An Ideological City: Koolhaas’ Exodus in the Second Ecumene,’    Joelho 08 [2018]    
  • ‘An Emerging International: The Imperial Gaze of the Monster Globe in 1851’ Fabrications 27:1 [2017]
  • ‘The Inverted View: Of Crystals, Mirrors, & Globes,’ Radical Space in Between Disciplines Conference Proceedings [2015]
  • ‘The Impossible Friendship’ PLOT Revista_30
  • ‘Futureless,’ KTISMA: University of Oregon Department of Architecture Journal, 1.1 [2012)
  • ‘Imagination’s Shadow: perception, conception, and (un)known in architecture’ Lantern Journal [2012]
  • ‘Anti-Haptic Experience: Critical Analysis of the Role of the Sense of Touch,’ Oz Architecture Journal_vol 30 [2008]


  • Terra Vista Studios ‘Human Landscapes’ [Cleveland, Ohio: 2013]
  • Gallery MC ‘D3 Natural Systems’ [New York, New York: 2012]
  • University of California Berkeley ‘Radix’ [Berkeley, California: 2011]
  • Centre for Creative Practices ‘I Am a Pagan’ [Dublin, Ireland: 2010]

Honors and Awards

  • Harvard Kennedy School Indonesia Program: Research Grant Award [2014]
  • AIA Monsters of Design: Best Unbuilt Project [2012]
  • Product Runway Award: Best in Show [2011]
  • AIA Henry Adams Certificate of Excellence [2007] 
  • AIA / AAF Scholastic Award in the Field of Architecture [2005]


  • Vernacular Architecture Forum: A Shared Heritage,Urban and Rural Experience on the Banks of the Potomac ‘Architecture Without Origins’ [Alexandria, Virginia: 2018}
  • Society of Architecture Historians [SAH] Annual Conference 2018 ‘The Inverted Sphere: Birth of the Georama’ [St. Paul, Minnesota: 2018]
  • Le Corbusier: What Moves Us? Conference Aarhus School of Architecture ‘Closed Hands: Disembodiment in Le Corbusier’s Postwar Paintings’ [Aarhus, Denmark: 2015]
  • Radical Space In Between Disciplines Conference Scen Centre for Scene Design, Architecture and Technology, University of Novi Sad ‘The Inverted View: Of Crystals, Mirrors, & Globes’                          [Novi Sad, Serbia: 2015]
  • AIAS Special Lecture, Kansas State University APDesign ‘Non-Operational Architecture: Meta-Phenomenology and the (Un)known’ [Manhattan, Kansas: 2014]
  • Harvard University Kennedy School of Government ‘Redesigning Cities: Well-being, Identity and History’ [Cambridge, Massachusetts: 2014] 
  • [in]Arch Conference: Interiority and Interior Architecture,Universitas Indonesia ‘Inner Territories: Capacious Geometries in Space and Mind’ [Jakarta, Indonesia: 2014]