St. Joseph Co. Veterans Affairs Clinic


Location: Mishawaka, IN

Completion Date: 2017

Project Size: 89,000 s.f.

Project Cost: $38 million


The design of this new 89,000 sf outpatient clinic is based upon the creation of a building environment that fosters healing in patients, nurtures families, and motivates staff - It is a harmony between function and aesthetics. Through the choice of materials, building forms and massing, vertical planes, horizontal lines, and glass, the design maintains a progressive aesthetically pleasing appearance and at the same time fits harmoniously within the fabric of the surrounding architecture


The materials that were used in the design were chosen for their long-term durability and their symbolism of strength, stability, and progressiveness. Brick and stone anchor the building to the earth while glass and steel create the voids between the brick and stone, allowing the introduction of natural light and views and uniting interior and exterior space.

Interior circulation is organized around the 3 large clerestory atrium spaces. The wide corridors that connect these spaces, and the volume of the space in which they occur, reduce congestion and the perceived rate at which activity occurs, contributing to the overall calming effect of the interior space.

In addition to primary care services, the facility is designed to provide an array of additional services including eye and hearing clinics, foot and skin doctors, cardiology, mental health, prosthetics, physical and occupational therapy, audiology, mental health and CT scans.