Research & Development

MKC Architects has been in the process of reinventing ourselves for a number of years now. This effort was due, in part, to the economic recession we faced in 2008, and coupled with the reality that our firm was mired in protocols that we’re in many cases decades old. It was simply the right time to make a change.

We set out to transform our firm, to meet the demands of today’s clients in a most dramatic fashion. We embraced technology like never before. We took a fresh approach to our staffing needs by fusing our experienced staff with an insurgence of young/energetic/talented group of individuals to form a truly lean/innovative delivery system. A simple notion, traditional at its core, but one that allows us to serve a diverse client base and mentor future leaders in the architectural field.

Our recent work follows this process. MKC Architects is at the forefront of innovative design in multiple facets. Varying in size and scope, these projects represent both research and projects that represent our innovation and progression.