Ontario Rec Center


Location: Ontario, Ohio

Estimated Completion Date: 2021

Project Size: 28,740 s.f.


Integrating Civic & Academic Life

The proposed site for the OSU / Ontario Rec Center fits in at the edge of the proposed town center for Ontario. It is within easy walking distance of the proposed retail and residential buildings, while still providing ample parking in the rear for those arriving by car. The building faces the proposed urban street edge in one direction, addressing the building opposite it, and a park in the other direction. Its facades will easily transform from expressive in the existing natural condition, to addressing urban facades in future developments. The location provides stunning sight lines both to and from the proposed Town Hall building, adjacency to the natural landscape and close proximity to the OSU Mansfield campus for student and faculty use.

The proposed building massing and organization for the OSU / Ontario Rec Center consists of two defining architectural elements, a datum and the objects organized along it. The objects define specific programmatic functions, each one distinct from the other. The datum acts as a organizing element along which difference can be read, it unifies these programs into one building - a community center, a fitness facility, and a daycare.

MKC Belmont Abbey_Rendering.jpg
MKC Ontario Rec-2.jpg