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Meet John

John joined MKC in 2011, bringing with him over 20 years of diverse project experience with a concentration in primary and secondary education, post secondary education, and housing projects. In addition to being a talented designer, John is perceptive to clients needs, which has resulted in various innovative and award winning designs for both new and existing facilities. 
John is responsible for directing all aspects of design, planning, construction drawings, specifications and field observations. John concentrates on the conceptual design and design implementation phase for both public and private clients. 



  • American Institute of Architects Member
  • AIA Columbus, President

Mentorship Program at MKC

Since joining MKC seven years ago John has taken on the responsibilities of mentoring several of MKC’s young and upcoming architectural stars. John has always motivated and mentored the younger staff by setting a good example. His willingness to share his skills, knowledge, and expertise empowers the younger folks to develop their own strengths, beliefs, and personal attributes. John’s enthusiasm is catching, and he motivates these young architects to become the best they can be.

John mentors by providing guidance and constructive feedback. He helps college interns and high school students alike, grow by identifying strengths and weaknesses, and offering them guidance on how to use those to their advantage. He is committed to learning new ideas that can help MKC Architects grow and he is excited to then share that knowledge to help others develop their knowledge and skills. 

John has been instrumental in helping the younger folks to improve their communication skills by giving them the opportunity to interact with clients, consultants and vendors on a regular basis - allowing them to learn to communicate more effectively.