Columbus Academy


Location: Columbus, Ohio

Estimated Completion Date: 2020

Project Size: 1,320 s.f.


Living / Learning Community

Academy Hall is an iconic building on the Columbus Academy campus. It is one of the first buildings seen on the approach to campus, making up the southern edge of the graduation courtyard. Its formal symmetrical qualities set up an axis of symmetry around which two main classroom buildings, the library, and the courtyard are organized. The circulation around Academy hall, past the school buildings and to the quad exists also as a result of this symmetrical organization. An addition to Academy Hall would need to maintain the symmetry of the formal entry facade and allow for these circulation paths around the building to remain intact.

The scheme developed here provides a larger space that is embedded within the existing architecture of Academy Hall. A long-term approach, this expansion satisfies the short-term need of four additional offices, but allows for future versatility and adaptability. Each of the corners house additional office space and can be reprogrammed for future use. This design solution adds two brick areas to the front of the building, fitting within and emphasizing the existing architecture. A new stone cornice will be provided at the top of the bricks, aligning with the existing cornice and balcony. New windows will be provided in-line with the existing exterior walls.

Our design seeks to maximize building perimeter in order to produce the largest amount of window filled offices as possible. In the southwestern corner, the number of offices increases from three to five and includes two additional work stations. The northwestern corner is acoustically separated and increases private offices from two offices to three, while relocating the two open desk work stations and providing a third. The southeast corner provides bonus office space, increasing the office count from three to five once again, providing the organization additional space to grow over the years. This plan considers enclosed vs open office space, natural light access, and entry experience.

MKC Belmont Abbey_Rendering.jpg