A Park in a Parking Space???


On a bright September 20th, 2019 MKC Architects participated in Park[ing] Day; an international event meant to advocate more green space in urban areas. It is celebrated by occupying a single parking space and turning it into a park. The day encourages people to think differently about the limited amount of public space and test new/old ways that it empty asphalt can be put to more productive use. Worldwide, American cites devote the largest expanses of their cores to parking. By removing just one of these on-street spots, the temporary “parklets” enliven our streetscapes and reinvigorate the pedestrian realm. MKC was pleased to make Columbus’ Short North district a little greener.

Park[ing] Day was started in San Francisco in 2005 and has been growing incrementally annually. This year, MKC teamed up with “Prologue Bookshop” to create a leafy oasis where patrons can sit and read their books.  MKC Architects believes in creating vibrant, urban spaces and this day supports that part of our mission.  Good architecture must enhance its context, not merely exist within it.

For more information on Park[ing] Day, click here.

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