mkc attends orange-line exhibit

MKC News 21.jpg

[Columbus, Ohio]

On December 1st MKC Architects attended the special holiday event 'Orange-Line' hosted annually by the AIA Columbus. The tallest submission on display, along with 15 other lego highrise buildings, was 'Sophronia,' MKC Architect's proposal that is both city & building inspired by the fictitious city of the same name Italo Calvino.

““The city of Sophronia is made up of two half-cities. In one there is a great roller coaster with its steep humps, the carousel with its chain spokes, the Ferris wheel of spinning cages, the death-ride with the crouching motorcyclists, the big top with the clump of trapezes hanging in the middle. The other half-city is of stone and marble and cement, with the bank, the factories, the palaces, the slaughterhouse, the school, and all the rest. One of the half-cities is permanent, the other is temporary, and when the period of its sojourn is over, they uproot it, dismantle it, and take it off, transplanting it to the vacant lots of another half-city.”     Invisible Cities | -Calvino