aia holiday lego submission

MKC News 18.jpg

[Columbus, Ohio]

Inspired by the Lazurus department store holiday window, the AIA Columbus holds an annual lego competition titled 'The Orange Line: High-Rish Home for the Holidays.' The aim of this event is to showcase creative architectural talent through the use of a uniform palette of white legos. Following the success of last year's entry, 'Graffiato,' MKC will once again develop a submission. Taylor Clune is leading the team to develop a ubiquitous building/city called 'Sophronia,' which references Italo Calvino's fictitious city of the same name.

With the iterative nature of the Lego block, the make-up of any Lego City is Sophronian in its nature. The tallest of the towers in Lego Sophronia sits directly on the dividing line of the half-cities, one half addressing the permanent side, and the other in a constant state of change.

“One of the half-cities is permanent, the other is temporary, and when the period of its sojourn is over, they uproot it, dismantle it, and take it off” -Calvino