Teismann Lecturer at Ohio State

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[Columbus, Ohio]

Beginning with the fall semester of 2018, MKC Principal Matthew Teismann has accepted a position as Lecturer at the Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University. Teismann will be teaching second year [sophomore] architecture studio [ARCH 2410], which focuses on the fundamentals of architecture design and representation. Following the preparatory first year of general education requirements, the second year begins the architecture curriculum in earnest:

Abstraction & Analysis: A strong design education begins with the ability to abstract and analyze existing works of architecture as well as the skills to evaluate one’s own work. Students in this studio will be introduced to a range of contemporary and canonical works in order to understand the breadth and range of creative production within the discipline of architecture.

Architectural Form: This studio views form as a foundational act of architecture. From aesthetics and composition, to digital workflows and design iteration, issues of form will be foregrounded in the design process. Each project will offer new strategies for creating, advancing, and representing architectural forms.

Graphics & Representation: The beginning design student must learn to create clear and compelling graphic representations of their ideas. Representations of architecture should be both accurate and projective. This studio will prepare students for the profession of architecture by building skills in orthographic projection, diagramming, physical and digital modeling, and photography.

For more information on the Knowlton School of Architecture, click here.

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