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MKC recently attended groundbreaking at St. Thomas More College for a 100-bed student housing facility. The project will provide needed student housing in the center of campus, across from the Saints Center. The materials and massing of the new student housing facility stem from the newly constructed campus chapel - extensive brick walls, tall expanses of glass, and a standing seam metal roof to match Murphy Hall. Thomas More is expected to be completed by August 2018. MKC is currently in discussion with University Housing Solutions and Thomas More College regarding phase II and phase III of the student housing projects, which will be unveiled over the upcoming years.

MKC Attends Groundbreaking at Thomas More

December 9, 2017

[Columbus, Ohio]

On December 1st MKC Architects attended the special holiday event 'Orange-Line' hosted annually by the AIA Columbus. The tallest submission on display, along with 15 other lego highrise buildings, was 'Sophronia,' MKC Architect's proposal that is both city & building inspired by the fictitious city of the same name Italo Calvino.


““The city of Sophronia is made up of two half-cities. In one there is a great roller coaster with its steep humps, the carousel with its chain spokes, the Ferris wheel of spinning cages, the death-ride with the crouching motorcyclists, the big top with the clump of trapezes hanging in the middle. The other half-city is of stone and marble and cement, with the bank, the factories, the palaces, the slaughterhouse, the school, and all the rest. One of the half-cities is permanent, the other is temporary, and when the period of its sojourn is over, they uproot it, dismantle it, and take it off, transplanting it to the vacant lots of another half-city.”     Invisible Cities | -Calvino


MKC Attends Orange-Line Exhibit

December 1, 2017

[Columbus, Ohio]

MKC Architects received an AIA Merit Award as the design architects for the Madonna Welcome Center project. The AIA awards celebrate the best projects of each year. The Madonna Welcome Center received the Merit award for Best Unbuilt Project 2017 - the only award bestowed in that category. According to the AIA, “The AIA Columbus Chapter’s annual Architecture Awards Program recognizes excellence in architectural design by Columbus architects, architectural students, and those within the boundaries of the AIA Columbus Chapter.” MKC Architects would like to thank the AIA Columbus and all the parties involved in the design and implementation of the Welcome Center, including Madonna University, Adena Corporation, Strategic Energy Solutions, EDGE Group, PEA civil engineers, and finally, the dedicated staff at MKC architects for their hard work on such a compelling and complex project.


Stay tuned for more information on the Madonna Welcome Center over the coming months. For the full press release, including jury comments, click here.

MKC Wins AIA Columbus Architecture Award

November 9, 2017

[Columbus, Ohio]

Inspired by the Lazurus department store holiday window, the AIA Columbus holds an annual lego competition titled 'The Orange Line: High-Rish Home for the Holidays.' The aim of this event is to showcase creative architectural talent through the use of a uniform palette of white legos. Following the success of last year's entry, 'Graffiato,' MKC will once again develop a submission. Taylor Clune is leading the team to develop a ubiquitous building/city called 'Sophronia,' which references Italo Calvino's fictitious city of the same name.


With the iterative nature of the Lego block, the make-up of any Lego City is Sophronian in its nature. The tallest of the towers in Lego Sophronia sits directly on the dividing line of the half-cities, one half addressing the permanent side, and the other in a constant state of change.


“One of the half-cities is permanent, the other is temporary, and when the period of its sojourn is over, they uproot it, dismantle it, and take it off” -Calvino


AIA Holiday Lego Submission

November 5, 2017

[Columbus, Ohio]

MKC was recently awarded the contract to design a 100-bed student housing project in the center of Thomas More College’s campus. The proposed design of the residence hall embodies a contemporary take on existing campus vernacular and creates a social hub for student residents. The form derives from basilica typology - a large, open, centralized nave and gabled roof - which becomes a community space for residents. Materials and massing stem from the newly constructed campus chapel - extensive brick walls, tall expanses of glass, and a standing seam metal roof. Using natural daylight requires less energy to light and heat the space, while providing appropriate light levels for learning and studying, transforming the way of students live on campus. Thomas More is expected to be completed by August 2018. Planning for a second phase 300-bed facility is expected to begin this month.


Stay tuned for more information on these projects over the coming months.

MKC Begins Thomas More Renaissance Hall

October 30, 2017

[Crestview Hills, Kentucky]

MKC Architects has been selected as the designer and architect for a second student housing project at Cleary University in Howell, Michigan. The building uses a similar form and organization as the first project, creating a mirrored layout that provides a student courtyard between the two. Using well-composed material formations and natural light, this student residence will capstone a residential part of campus - creating a new hub for students to live, play, and study. The new building is dorm-style units in lieu of apartments, and is expected to be completed by the start of school year in August 2018.



MKC Awarded Second Student Residence Hall at Cleary University

August 29, 2017

[South Bend, Indiana]

MKC is pleased to welcome Shane Chandler, RA, LEED AP as our newest project manager. Shane graduated with a master of architecture degree from the Ohio State University and has a wealth of project management experience in the commercial, healthcare, residential and industrial market sector. Shane has spent time as a lecturer and graduate teaching associate at The Ohio State University. He has also served as a guest juror at Tempere University of Technology, Tempere, Finland and the University of Washington in Seattle.


In 2005 Shane was on the co-winning design team for The Whittier Challenge, the Whittier Peninsula design contest. He is also a Henry Adams Gold Medal Award Recipient from the American Institute of Architects – an award given to the top-ranking graduating student in each architecture program accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting board.

Welcome Shane Chandler

September 15, 2017

[Columbus, Ohio]

The VA Outpatient Clinic in Mishiwaka, Indiana is nearing completion. The 89,000 sf facility reached Substantial Completion August 21st, 2017 and is scheduled to start accepting patients on September 18, 2017. The $38 Million facility provides outpatient services for veterans and will save veterans from making the long drive out of several nearby counties, including southwest Michigan, to Indiana's much larger VA hospitals in Fort Wayne, Marion and Indianapolis. In addition to primary care the facility will provide an array of services including eye and hearing clinics, foot and skin doctors, cardiology, mental health, etc. MKC completed the project utilizing a design-build delivery method in conjunction with McShane Construction out of Auburn, Alabama.


More information, images, and descriptions will be forthcoming once project is completed.



Veteran's Affairs [VA] Project Nears Completion

August 29, 2017

[South Bend, Indiana]

MKC was recently awarded the contract to design and build a 312-bed mixed use student housing center for Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio. The building is divided into four different types of programmatic functions: Apartments / Admin / Wellness Center / Secondary Spaces. Both the wellness center and administration occupy the ground floor main wing near the entrance from both campus and the parking. The proposed building massing and organization embodies the design of a complete student housing center. The primary massing stems from four landmark anchors - one at each corner - which serve to bookend the building within the site while serving as landmarks for wayfinding. The project comes after years of planning, and will feature apartment and dorm style student housing in 1, 2, and 4 bedroom configurations. The facility is scheduled to open for the beginning of the 2018 academic school year.


MKC Awarded Student Housing at Central State

August 11, 2017

[Wilberforce, Ohio]

MKC is working with Tiffin University to unveil multiple projects over the next two years, including a new science and technology school. The College of Business, Science and Technology at Tiffin University is the epicenter of new technology and groundbreaking innovation. Intended to go beyond a collection of bricks and mortar, the new STEM Connector will be the heart and soul of the department – a place where curiosity is celebrated and intellectual collisions occur naturally. The building, containing 12,000 square feet of research, instructional and office space, is designed to inspire and support interdisciplinary learning and research. The building functions as both a central circulation hub and a series of compartmentalized private learning environments. The flexibility of the space allows for both collaboration and privacy, which maximizes the new connector’s full potential.




MKC Designing Science and Technology School at Tiffin

August 6, 2017

[Tiffin, Ohio]

MKC recently competed consturction of a new office facility for growing tech company - ES Consulting. The facility is part of an adaptive re-use project aimed at rejuvenating an aging structure. This 7,000 s.f. exterior and interior renovation includes private and open office space, conference rooms, reception, kitchen, and even an in-house gym. Designed to represent the 21st-century technologies of its client, the building features state of the art lighting, cooling systems, and office space. ES Consulting took occupancy of the building in late summer 2017.


For more information on the project click here.



ES Consulting Project Completed

August 4, 2017

[Ontario, Ohio]

MKC is working with Tiffin University to unveil multiple projects over the next two years, including a new mixed-use student housing project at the primary corner of campus. The proposed new center for Intercultural Housing is a mixed use and apartment-style residential unit for students at Tiffin University. Its location affords a mixed-use type development that would house not only student residences, but retail [cafes // bookstore] and learning spaces such as classrooms. The building will also form the southeast edge of a new public space on campus - with sand volleyball & other athletic activities - framed by its courtyard type massing. Currently in design development, this project is planned to break ground in March 2018.


MKC Designing Intercultural Housing at Tiffin University

August 6, 2017

[Tiffin, Ohio]

MKC Architects is pleased to announce the addition of Taylor Clune to their staff. Taylor graduated from the Ohio State University Knowlton School in the spring of 2017 where she received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture. She joined the MKC team shortly after graduating. During her studies at Ohio State, Taylor was the president of the student organization SERVitecture where she was actively involved within the campus and Columbus communities. Continuing this passion for service, she is an associate member of the Columbus Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Taylor is currently completing her Intern Development Program.


Taylor’s current responsibilities within MKC ranges from early design phases such as planning and programming to project development such as computer modeling and construction documents.



MKC Architects Welcomes New Employee

August 1, 2017

[Columbus, Ohio]

Matthew Teismann, MKC's Director of Design, was recently published in Fabrications Journal by Taylor & Francis Routledge. This article is titled 'An Emerging International: The Imperial Gaze of the Monster Globe in 1851,' and is the most comprehensive publication to date of Teismann's research into purpose-built viewing apparatus he calls optica. In this featured cover article, Teismann contends that architecture can instantiate being-in-the-world through a hidden architectural allegory that redefines our perception of the built environment. This paper contends that humans' modern conception of the world can be derived and displayed through certain types of architecture - where people come face to face with the world. During the mid-nineteenth century there was an inherent desire to visit these spectacles, a global project embedded within what Peter Sloterdijk calls an ‘architecture of immersion.’


For more information click here.



MKC Director of Design published in Routledge

July 13, 2017

[London, United Kingdom]

In late June of 2017, the first shovel went into the ground for an idea that's been circulating around Terra State Community College's offices and boardrooms for years. Terra Village, a bustling residence hall with hundreds of students, is set to become a reality. The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by Terra Community College Officials, MKC Architects, developer University Housing Solutions, and countless donors, students, and faculty.


By the fall of 2018, students will be living in the $14.5 million facility, within walking distance of the college's main buildings.


For more information click here.


MKC Attends Groundbreaking Ceremony at Terra Village

June 28, 2017

[Fremont, Ohio]

MKC recently competed schematic design for the Terra Village Holdings new student housing center to service Terra State Community College. As the project has now received approval from the board, CBS news affiliate WTOL 11 recently featured a news-story covering the project and its progress. As Terra State President, Jerome Webster indicated:


"So the student has the opportunity to enjoy campus life, live on campus, have the convenience of walking right to class, getting a chance of meeting others in a community setting and a living learning setting as well, and experience college life fully as a residential student here at Terra State."


For the full television story, click here.



Terra Village Featured on Local News WTOL

April 28, 2017

[Toledo, Ohio]

MKC Architects is pleased to announce the addition of Gregory Lonergan to their staff as the firm’s Director of Operations.  Lonergan is a licensed architect who brings 30 years of experience in practice management, project planning and quality control. Greg will be responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of the MKC design studio.  With a focus on workflow efficiency and documentation quality, he will provide guidance, scheduling, and technical expertise to the MKC staff. He will also provide high-level project management assistance.


Lonergan is a successful leader with diverse experience in the design and construction of challenging projects.  His work includes the integration of cutting-edge solutions for K-12 schools, higher education, offices, and hospitals, retail and multifamily.

MKC Architects Welcomes New Director of Operations

April 22, 2017

[Columbus, Ohio]

Completing a process of restructuring that began in 2015, MKC Associates is now MKC Architects. As part of this process, all of the firm’s activities have been relocated to the Columbus office. Moreover, management has been reorganized as follows: James M. Schmidt is now Chief Executive Officer, John Meegan is now President, and Todd R. Wrobleski is now Chief Financial Officer.


The restructuring of the office organization has consolidated multiple redundant roles, therefore making the process of our services more efficient and cost effective. Consolidating our core operations under one roof will enable us to increase our quality and improve our client experience. This move will combine our strengths from each location and create an even stronger firm. We are confident that the new organization framework laid in place will revolutionize the way MKC Architects operates, allowing us to provide more complete, daring, and masterful buildings.



MKC Architects Completes Office Restructuring

February 15, 2017

[Columbus, Ohio]

MKC Architects is pleased to announce the addition of Matthew Teismann to our staff as the firm’s Director of Design. Teismann is an experienced architectural designer whose research focuses on the history and philosophy of design. Teismann received an MDes degree from Harvard Graduate School of Design and a B.Arch. from Kansas State University.


Teismann was most recently a lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia where he taught design studios and history and theory. He has published on topics such as the spaces of capital globalism, geopolitical spatial encounters, counterculture architecture, and social and cultural identity. Prior to that he was a founding partner in the firm LIONarchitecture, with notable works including the exhibited Urban Green-House project, the published MadHouse, and the award winning BadSeed House in Kansas City, Missouri.


Teismann will be the design lead for many projects, and will oversee design and architectural services for the office. Welcome Matthew.

MKC Architects Welcomes New Design Director

January 21, 2017

[Columbus, Ohio]