Hennis Care Centre - Pat's Porch Dover, OH

  • The new “Avenue of Independence” facilities for the Hennis Care Centre feature two new state-of-the-art transitional therapy homes for patients requiring orthopedic, neurological, or cardiac recovery assistance. Pat’s Porch is located in Dover adjacent to the Hennis Care Centre’s main facility.


    Pat’s Porch is a remodeled 12 room in-house transitional therapy facility. The original house was a single story 4 bedroom residential home. The goal of this new facility is to create a therapy facility that has the look and feel of home rather than that institutional feel of some facilities. The scale of this project allows that intimacy, while maintaining some of the characteristics of the original 4 bedroom home.


    The facility features private suites, a spa, patio, gardens, sun room, and a fully equipped kitchen to provide chef prepared meals individually selected by residents from a full menu.

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